Start Placement Test

The placement test is a pre-registration assessment required for admission to certain programs and prior to enrolling in your first French course or course offered in French at the University of Regina. Its purpose is to place you in the course that is most appropriate for your current language level. It is not used to meet the language proficiency requirement for international students.

Before taking the test, you must:

Once you are logged in, you will be authorized to take the test by clicking on Continue or the button below.

The assessment will evaluate your comprehension, listening, and grammar skills. Please refrain from consulting a dictionary, online resources or outside sources.

There are 6 sections and you will have 20 minutes to complete each section. You cannot proceed to the next section unless you have obtained a 70% score in the preceding section. Before proceeding, ensure your sound is turned on as some questions include audio.

You will be able to access your result through the platform after completing the test. You may take the assessment more than once but no more than three times in one calendar year. Your most recent score will be used.